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Biomass particle burner

Biomass particle burner

Biomass particle burner
JinDingxin biomass combustion, biomass burning machine, pellet burning machine -- high combustion efficiency, complete combustion, stable, heat load regulation range, no pollution environmental protection benefit is apparent, no tar, waste and other waste discharge, simple operation, convenient maintenance, investment saving, low operation cost


Biomass combustion machine

Biomass particle burner a biomass semi-gasification automatic control of combustion machine, a biomass granular fuel of biomass pyrolysis combustion machine.

Technology field

The present invention relates to a combustion engine, in particular to a biomass semi-gasification automatic control of combustion machine. Biomass burning machine is important for mining and heating needs to be developed, which adopts the rural rich corn straw and other crop straw as raw material, after the molding equipment constrains into regular shape, size uniformity of fuel particles, and then through the process of the public full automatic particle engine combustion is converted to heat, burning heat in boiler for the reincarnation water absorption.

Product features

In 1, high combustion efficiency: boiling type semi gasification combustion with tangential swirl air distribution design, so that the fuel and complete combustion, combustion efficiency can reach above 90%;

In 2, complete combustion, stable: equipment in micro pressure condition without tempering and off the fire phenomenon;

3, heat load regulation range is wide: combustion engine heat load at rated load30%-120% range of rapid adjustment, a starting block responsive;

In 4, no pollution environmental protection benefit is obvious: to renewable biomass energy as fuel, realize the sustainable use of energy. Using low temperature combustion technology in flue gas, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, dust and low emission, is the best substitute of coal stove;

In 5, no tar, waste water and other wastes: using high temperature gas direct combustion technology, such as tar in gaseous form direct combustion of biomass gasification tar content, solves the technical problems of high, avoid washing tar bring water pollution two;

6, simple operation, convenient maintenance : the use of automatic feeding, wind dust removal, simple operation, small workload, single duty;

7, investment saving, low operation cost: biomass burning has reasonable structural design, used for various boiler low improvement expenses.

Scope of application

Gold Dingxin biomass burning machine, widely used in boilers, die casting machine, industrial furnaces, incinerators, melting furnace, kitchen equipment, drying equipment, food drying equipment, ironing equipment, baking equipment, road construction machinery and equipment, industrial annealing furnace, such as asphalt heating equipment of energy industry.


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